Charity launches aid campaign for Yemeni children

Published 20.11.2015 17:21

The Turkish branch of Doctors Worldwide, an independent charity that provides medical care in developing countries, said in a statement this week that it is preparing to launch a humanitarian aid campaign in war-torn Yemen.

"Forty-seven percent of Yemeni children below five suffer from chronic malnutrition," Yahyahan Güney, vice president of the Istanbul-based association, said. "140,000 families are in need of help and suffer from low living standards."

Güney said that Doctors Worldwide will set up foodbanks to provide nourishment and medical care to children and their mothers in countries suffering from conflict.

Approximately 5,700 people have been killed in Yemen since the conflict escalated in March, with an estimated 2.3 million people forced to flee their homes and an additional 120,000 leaving the country, according to the UN

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