New drivers in Turkey will have to sit IQ tests starting in 2016

Published 29.12.2015 19:38
Updated 30.12.2015 16:24
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A new law on prospective drivers and health requirements to obtain a driver's license which will go into effect starting from January 1, 2016 will change the established standards for Turkish drivers.

Published on the official gazette on Tuesday, the new regulation states that prospective drivers with an IQ level of 79 or below (classified as mental retardation), dementia or those who have a chronic mental disease that alters their thoughts, feelings or behaviors will not be allowed behind the wheel.

Drivers will have to get a health report approved by the Ministry of Health that examines if s/he has:
Hearing loss, a balance problem in everyday life, sleep disorders, epilepsy, malignant tumors, physical disabilities, myopathy, visual impairments, cardiovascular disease, organ failure, central nervous system disorders, peripheral nervous system disorders, mental illness (severe mental illnesses, mental retardation, dementia, personality disorders, severe behavior disorders), alcohol addiction and psychotropic substance abuse.

However, those with night-blindness will be allowed to drive between 1 hour after sunrise and 1 hour before sundown, whereas there will be no restrictions to the colorblind.

After the necessary medical assessment, those who are found to have a condition that obstructs their driving or fail to meet the required standards for driving will not be able to obtain a license.

Those who are marked as unfit to drive in the medical report will also have the right to appeal against the decision by applying to the provincial directorate of health.

Applicants who submit fake medical reports will be banned from traffic for life and will not be able to reapply for a license. Criminal complaints to the chief public prosecutor's office will also be filed against all responsible individuals.

Those with:

-Mental retardation (IQ level of 79 and below)
-Attention deficiency, condition or drug use that affects emotions and thoughts
-Alcohol addiction or drunk drivers
-Narcomania, habitual drug use
will not be given a license and the driving licenses of those who have developed the aforementioned conditions will be revoked.

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