Turkish bride, groom hit the floor in an unfortunate way

Published 24.04.2016 19:48
Updated 24.04.2016 19:55

The bride and groom had only wanted to spice up their wedding with an extraordinary entrance to the wedding hall. Unfortunately, the pair slid off their rowing boat and fell onto the floor.

In a wedding in northeastern Trabzon province, a couple seated in a rowing boat had chosen to be lowered down onto the stage to meet their guests. As fishing is the main source of income in the pair's hometown Trabzon on the coast of the Black Sea, the rowing boat was especially symbolic.

But it didn't take too long for things to go wrong as the mechanism lowering the couple down could not stand their weight and the boat "capsized," with the couple falling not into the cold waters of the Black Sea but instead the concrete floor of the hall.

The unfortunate incident was captured on video and it spread across social media late Sunday.

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