Anti-smoking campaign based on positive messages

Published 25.04.2016 00:16
Updated 25.04.2016 00:17

The Health Ministry is getting ready to introduce a range of measures to better combat smoking.

Turkey, which is among the world's leaders in combating smoking, has expanded smoking bans over the past several years, which has led to more than 2 million people quitting smoking, according to reports. The new measures will include replacing negative messages on cigarettes packets with more positive ones. Current messages include "smoking kills" and will be replaced with those like "Quit for your loved ones" and "Think about your children and stop smoking."

Rather than adopting the black packaging method, currently being used in Australia, the Health Ministry will enforce a new rule whereby shops will be banned from displaying the packets and will have to hide the cigarette packets under the counter. The ministry will also increase incentives for inspectors, who patrol the shops to ensure the smoking ban in enclosed spaces is enforced.

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