Spiritual guidance offered to Alevi inmates

Published 02.06.2016 00:36
Updated 02.06.2016 00:38

The Presidency of Religious Affairs (DİB) is extending its spiritual guidance project offered to inmates in Turkey's prisons to Alevi inmates.

An official from the organization recently announced that an Alevi Dede, socio-religious leaders for Alevi communities, is providing spiritual guidance in prison following a request from an inmate.

The spiritual guidance services project, undertaken by the Ministry of Justice and the DİB, kicked off last year and currently offers guidance to inmates in 360 prisons with 680 religious officials, including 75 female officials. Earlier this year, the DİB launched a competition among inmates to win a chance to perform the hajj and umrah pilgrimages, with hopes that it will motivate inmates and improve their morale.

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