Teachers accused of making yogurt from students' milk

Published 19.06.2016 23:03

Milk distributed by the Nation Education Ministry for students was used by teachers at a school in Adana to make yogurt and rice-pudding called sütlaç, according to claims made by parents.

The local Education Department is investigating the claims from parents of students at a school in the Sarıçam municipality who became suspicious when they noticed that the school was not distributing the free milk. Some parents followed the distribution routine and saw that the milk that arrived every morning was taken directly to the teachers' lounge by school janitors.

The milk was then used to make sütlaç and yogurt for the principal and deputy principals. One parent recorded what happened with his cellphone before filing a complaint against the school administrators. The school principal, whose name cannot be divulged due to the pending investigation, denied the claims and said that the milk used was milk that the students did not drink, which janitors collected after class.

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