Students volunteer to herd goats in Turkey’s southern Burdur province

Published 11.08.2016 17:21
emAA Photo/em
AA Photo

Three university students, including one German national, have been herding goats in Turkey's southern Burdur province as part of a project to protect Burdur Lake from drying up.

German medical student Rika Remmert, who is in Turkey for an Erasmus exchange program, Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts student Ezgi Temur, and Middle East Technical University Genetics student Irem Ömeroğlu herd goats by the lake from the early hours of the morning till the evening, as part of the project organized by the Lisinia Nature Center.

The students have chosen to herd the smaller ovine as they consume less water compared to bovine.

German student Remmert said that she loves the goats and added, "I came here to herd the goats. It is like a paradise here. I love working in open air in Lisinia and I am enjoying it here."

Temur, who came to Burdur from Istanbul, said, "I never thought I would be a shepherd for goats. It is a great feeling."

Lisinia Nature Project aims to add to the meat stocks for Turkey, while promoting sustainable a live-stock breeding.

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