EU, Turkey join forces for refugees' integration

Published 30.08.2016 00:59
Updated 30.08.2016 01:00

Turkey, a country embattled with an influx of refugees from neighboring Syria, undertakes a project for refugee integration in cooperation with the European Union. The project, launched Monday in capital Ankara aims to survey the degree of integration amid refugees.

The Center for Migration and Asylum Studies (İGAM), a Turkey-based nongovernmental organization, will conduct the project with the support of Turkey's EU Ministry and European Union. İGAM Chairman Metin Çorabatır said at a ceremony to introduce the project that integration was key for a permanent solution to the issue of refugees, as Turkey is home to nearly 3 million refugees. He said the project aims to improve the integration efforts that were handled separately so far.

With no end in sight to the ongoing civil war in Syria, whose citizens make up the largest proportion in overall refugee population in Turkey, Ankara decided to grant work permits to them, and citizenship for refugees is also in the works. Speaking at the ceremony, Michael Rupp, a member of the European Union delegation to Turkey, said Turkey took encouraging steps for integration of refugees, but the European Union countries have been late to pay attention to the integration issue.

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