Turkish kebab masters slam Swiss anti-kebab campaign

Published 26.09.2016 14:37
Updated 26.09.2016 14:39
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Kebab masters from Turkey's southern Şanlıurfa and Gaziantep provinces criticized on Monday the anti-kebab campaign in Switzerland, saying it is illogical to limit food, which is enjoyed by millions of people throughout the world.

According to reports, a campaign has recently been launched to ban kebabs in Switzerland, which has a sizable minority of 70,000 Turkish people and hundreds of thousands more from the Balkans. Around 30 percent of the population in Switzerland reportedly consists of minorities.

A restaurant association president in Şanlıurfa, Mehmet Kaçak told the Anadolu Agency that the ban on kebabs is illogical and said Swiss authorities should oppose such ban.

He noted that with their logic, Turkey should ban pizza and all other fast foods that are not originated in the country.

Meanwhile, Aziz Uzun, a kebab chef also criticized the ban proposal saying that kebab is a popular delicacy that is enjoyed by millions of people throughout the world and tourists who come to Turkey always express their appreciation of it.

Kebab has become under fire in many European countries including Italy and France, which claimed that the ban was necessary to preserve their own culture. In February, a French mayor even declared "war" on kebabs and said that he would not permit new kebab restaurants to be opened within the borders of his town, Beziers.

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