New Turkish defense system to intercept missiles in the air

Published 02.10.2016 22:33

Defense Minister Fikri Işık announced Sunday that they were working on a new defense system that would intercept Katyusha missiles used by Daish in the air.

Fikri Işık said in a televised interview on CNN Türk that Katyusha missiles had a short-range and use old technology but the up-to-date defense systems Turkey employs sometimes fail to respond to the attacks.

"We already had talks with Ministry of Science and Technology and Armed Forces on how to prevent the attacks best. Two days ago, my colleagues at the ministry informed me that we successfully tested a defense system in the lab. It is a culmination of a project started more than one year ago. It is an entirely domestic project. Now we will move to field tests for its efficiency," Işık said.

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