Live morning TV show interrupted by stray cat in Turkey's Denizli

Published 18.10.2016 14:24
Updated 19.10.2016 10:12

A morning TV show in Turkey's southwestern Denizli province was interrupted by an uninvited guest on Tuesday when a stray cat, who secretly entered the studio through an open door, popped up on screen.

Presenter of 'Good morning Denizli' show Kudret Çelebioğlu on Denizli Radio and Television (DRT) was dumbfounded when he saw the cat climb onto his desk and sit on his laptop during a live broadcast as he was reading the headlines for dailies.

Shortly after he realized the cat was in the studio, he said that he had a 'surprise visitor' and continued with his program.

After the cat climbed on the desk, Çelebioğlu reminded viewers that winter is coming and that they should remember to feed stray animals on the streets and keep their doors open as cold weather arrives.

Following the broadcast, DRT staff fed the cat and named him 'Hüsnü.' Later on, the cat was reportedly adopted by one of the staff.

Found in almost every corner in Turkey, cats are an inseparable part of the streets and are known for their friendly nature, and are loved and fed by the people.

Some stray cats even shared the stage with world leaders at the G20 Antalya Summit in November 2015 when they broke tight security measures and appeared on the reception stage.

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