Israel releases Turk held on espionage charges


Orhan Buyruk, a Turkish national detained at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport on Sept. 28, was released and returned to Turkey Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters upon his arrival in Istanbul, Buyruk said he was charged with espionage.

The Turkish man had flown to Israel in September for a visit to Jerusalem as part of a tourist group. While other Turkish tourists were allowed to enter, Buyruk, whose social media posts included heavy criticism of Israel and late former president Shimon Peres, was held by police. He told reporters he was held for hours before he was charged and Israeli police failed to show any evidence. "It was difficult. I was held in a 2-meter-wide cell for 20 days," he said. Buyruk appeared three times before a court during his detention but he said he was not allowed to speak at the court and was not aware he would be released.

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