Saddam Hussein’s grandson injured in motorcycle accident

Published 04.11.2016 14:14
Updated 04.11.2016 14:41

Mesut Uday Saddam Hussein, the grandson of Iraq's overthrown leader Saddam Hussein, had a motorcycle accident near Turkey's southwestern resort town of Muğla, reports said on Friday.

Hussein reportedly lost control of his motorcycle and got off the road. Eyewitnesses called for an ambulance and Hussein was brought to a nearby hospital. Reports said that he had a shoulder fracture.

Mesut Uday Saddam Hussein is the son of Sevim Torun and Uday Hüssein, eldest son of Saddam Hussein by his first wife.

In 1982, his mother Sevim Torun visited her aunt in Iraq, who was married to an Iraqi Turkmen man and owned a hotel there, and won first place in a beauty peagant that was held there. She met Saddam Hussein's son Uday, who was in the audience, and the two got married shortly after the competition. Their marriage lasted only for eight months. Torun escaped to Turkey when she was three months pregnant after being abused by her husband. Her son Mesut was born in Turkey. Sevim Torun died at the age of 52 in Istanbul, in December 2010.

His grandfather Saddam Hussein was hanged in Iraq in 2006 for ordering the sectarian killings of nearly 150 Shiites two decades earlier. He has been accused of committing numerous other mass atrocities, killing roughly a quarter to half a million, including by using poisonous gas on Iraq's Kurds.

Iraq has evolved through periods of instability and of outright civil war since the U.S.-led invasion of 2003 ousted Hussein who ruled Iraq with an iron fist for 24 years.

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