Municipality offers free lodging in southeastern Turkey’s Diyarbakır

Published 05.06.2017 15:41

The local municipality in the Çüngüş district of southeastern Turkey's Diyarbakır province has established a free hotel for visitors, especially catering to women who have traveled to the city from neighboring villages.

Until now, Çüngüş did not have a hotel or other accommodation where visitors could stay. Municipal President Zübeyir Arslanca identified the need for visitor lodging and put his plan into action. The free residence will allow women from surrounding villages to stay in comfort and free of charge.

Arslanca was elected as the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) candidate in the 2014 local elections, taking 57 percent of the vote. Speaking to local news outlets, Arslanca stated that he had met 95 percent of the pledges that he made during his election campaign, adding that he would complete the remaining 5 percent over the course of the next 20 months.

In addition to providing a free place for guests to sleep, the facility offers visiting women free meals on Fridays as well as complimentary tea provided by the Turkish Labor Agency (İŞKUR).

Arslanca claimed that he has achieved more in three years than previous municipality heads had managed to accomplish in 30 years. His other initiatives include breaking ground on the first state hospital in Çüngüş, which is slated to open in 2018, overseeing the placement of stone paving on roads in 27 of the district's 37 neighborhoods, and a plan to create 10,000 acres of recreation space.

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