Burnt remains of factory owner found in rubble 70 hours after blaze in Turkey's Gaziantep

Published 17.08.2017 17:24
AA Photo
AA Photo

Police dogs discovered Thursday bone fragments believed to belong to a man that was caught in a yarn factory fire in southeastern Turkey's Gaziantep three days ago.

The owner of the factory, Tuncay Kara, was reportedly inside the building during the time of the blaze, which took firefighters 15 hours to extinguish, and has not been heard from since.

Cadaver search dogs Endy and Obert have been scanning the scene of the fire in search of Kara's remains. They located human bone fragments within the wreckage of the approximately 1,500 square meter factory Thursday.

After police crime units inspect the remains, the bones will be brought to the Gaziantep Forensic Medicine Institute for further examination.

Striking images of factory workers searching for Kara's body with shovels inside piles of the burnt material have been widely shared by Turkish media outlets over the past couple of days.

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