Singing hymns up in the sky

Published 27.08.2017 21:29
Updated 27.08.2017 21:30
Singing hymns up in the sky

Multi-religious Antalya Civilizations Choir yesterday morning sang hymns in a hot air balloon 500 meters up in the sky as part of activities accompanying the Fourth Avanos Public Festival. Eighteen members of the choir stayed up in the air for about an hour, watching the sunrise while singing songs.

The head of the choir, Yılmaz Özfırat, said it was their first time of singing a hymn in an air balloon. "Our only purpose is to spread world peace. We want to live in peace as Muslims, Christians and Jews. We don't want the repeat of the July 15 tragedy [last year's coup attempt]."

The choir has held 400 concerts around the world. Biology teacher and choir member Edip Harak said it was his first time on a balloon. "I was a bit scared at first but once I saw the scenery, I started to enjoy myself."

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