Greece accused of pushing back migrants

Published 11.10.2017 00:09

Some 100 illegal migrants and refugees from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Syria claimed they were beaten and pushed back into Turkey by Greek officials.

The migrants were found on the banks of the Meriç (Evros) River on the Turkish-Greek border by Turkish border guards yesterday. The group was brought to a center for illegal immigrants.

Sukh Preet, 23, from Pakistan, said they were held by Greek authorities when they were captured on the border and "people wearing military and police uniforms mistreated them."

"They forced us to board boats back to Turkey. Before that, they picked me among the group and they fired an electroshock weapon on my neck. Once I was on the boat, they came again and hit me with sticks," Preet said. Kasim Ali, another migrant, said Greek police beat him and seized everything he had in his possession. He claimed he was "left hungry and without water" in a detention center before he was forced to cross back into Turkey.

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