German clinic ‘mistakenly' removes young man's kidney

Published 13.10.2017 20:04

A young man of Turkish origin in Germany has had his dream of being an athlete shattered after doctors mistakenly removed his kidney.

Eighteen-year-old Kerim Ramazan Uçar went to a children's clinic in Bremen on Oct. 4 for an operation on his spleen to treat a hereditary blood disorder.

However, he and his family are furious after a pathology report later confirmed one of his kidneys had been removed instead.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Uçar said: "I had to have spleen surgery because my disease left me feeling sluggish. The doctors told me that I was going to have a simple operation [and that] after two days I could be discharged." He continued, "But after the surgery, I felt very sick. I've been suffering from pain and nausea for days."

Uçar said he learned the shocking truth when he received a pathology report three days after the surgery.

"When I learned the truth, my world and my dreams were destroyed. They darkened my life. How is the kidney confused with the spleen? I need to go to a hospital again for spleen surgery," he said.

Karim's father, Selçuk Uçar, said the family will sue the hospital over their "irremediable mistake."

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