Turkish children start using internet at the age of 2

Published 15.10.2017 21:37

A workshop hosted by the Family and Social Policies Ministry and attended by experts from several ministries came to the conclusion that special precautions need to be taken to ensure content on internet is safe for children because in Turkey, the age at which children are introduced to internet had dropped to 2.

The workshop report published over the weekend said technology is used nowadays like a babysitter, with children exposed to tablets, computers, television and telephones at a very early age. "Any measure to protect children should be taken with the cooperation and approval of parents," the report argued.

Children exposed to technology were brought up very differently from the way older generations were, it said. "The needs of children should be redefined." Children as young as two 2 years old have access to internet and the state is obligated to take action against negligence and abuse. Education on media literacy should begin at an early age, the report advised, and should include parents.

The content of the media curriculum should abide by the norms of Turkish tradition and long-term training strategies should include input from all relevant ministries and state agencies.

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