Water skiing in the moorland? Possible in Central Anatolia

YOZGAT, Turkey
Published 23.10.2017 20:47
Updated 23.10.2017 20:49
Water skiing in the moorland? Possible in Central Anatolia

Water skiing is a popular and joyful activity, mainly performed in touristic places by the coast, but Yozgat, which is located in the heart of Anatolia in the moorlands, has decided to change this.

The sports complex built by the Yozgat governorate offers its members a chance to get on skis and glide on a man-made pond. The water-skiers are attached to cables and they are able to enjoy speeding through the water.

Speaking to the press, Yozgat Gov. Kemal Yurtnaç said they aim to build a water skiing facility at the dam lake of Çekerek Dam.

"We invite all young people and water skiing enthusiasts to the facility. This small pond will help us train world and European champions," Gov. Yurtnaç said.

Abdullah Doğuer, who has been water skiing for the last nine years, came to Yozgat for a demonstration.

"This is a facility fit to host international events. I believe many sports people will be trained here," he said.

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