37 workers hospitalized from gas leak in western Turkey

Published 27.10.2017 15:33

At least 37 workers were hospitalized at a textile factory Friday in western Turkey's Denizli province due to a gas leak during the refilling of a natural gas tank.

The leak took place as PHD gas was given into an odorization tank during liquid natural gas refilling to test whether there were any leaks in the tank.

At the gas spread, workers, suffering stomach aches and vomiting, started running out of the facility. They were rushed to hospitals while firefighters took measures in the area.

It was reported that the gas has no toxic effects, but its strong odor can cause nausea and dizziness.

Doctor Berna Öztürk, the general secretary of the Denizli Public Hospitals Union, said that all of the workers are in good condition and they will be discharged within the same day.

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