Special bicycles a dream come true for kids with cancer

Published 25.02.2018 23:00
Updated 25.02.2018 23:02

Confined to hospital rooms for their treatment, children suffering from cancer now have a chance to ride a bicycle thanks to a project where bicycles are equipped with IV drips.

The Onkobis project launched by the Association to Fight Cancer delivered 60 bicycles to hospitals across Turkey for child patients. Speaking at a press conference in Istanbul, the association's president, Aslı Ortakmaç, said they were inspired by a nurse working on an oncology ward who wrote an e-mail to them about how the father of a young patient developed a primitive bicycle for the child.

Looking for ways to improve the concept, the association contacted a bicycle company that developed a model fitted with IV drips. "We have positive feedback from patients," she said, indicating that the bicycles boosted the children's morale.

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