Daughter suffers same fate as father, falls off Turkish castle in exact same spot


The daughter of Halil Dağ, who died while trying to take a selfie on a castle in southeastern Turkey's Şanlıurfa province, fell down Tuesday in the exact same spot her father died.

The woman reportedly wanted to see where her father died, but instead tumbled down 10 meters from the castle.

Ambulances rushed to the scene, referring injured S.D. to the Balıklıgöl State Hospital.

Doctors stated that S.D. remained in critical condition.

Meanwhile, footage of Halil Dağ's fall from the castle emerged. Dağ was celebrating his birthday with his friends, when he decided to take a selfie with his cell phone on top of the castle. The man lost his balance, before plummeting 20 meters. An investigation was launched regarding the deadly incident.

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