Former Turkish Defense Minister stabbed to death

Published 19.04.2018 00:00

Ercan Vuralhan, a former defense minister, was stabbed to death in a cafe in Istanbul yesterday. A suspect identified as Yüksel K. was detained by police.

Vuralhan, 75, was sitting in the cafe when the suspect drew a knife and cut his throat.

Media outlets reported that the suspect argued with Vuralhan over a debt dispute.

The former minister was a career diplomat who was serving as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia when he quit and joined Anavatan (Motherland) Party in 1987.

Same year, he was elected lawmaker and appointed as National Defense Minister in the government led by Turgut Özal. He served until 1989.

After and during his tenure, Vuralhan was often accused of fraud and corruption. He was briefly imprisoned for fraud in 2011.

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