Paralyzed dogs receive treatment at clinic in western Turkey

Published 10.07.2018 13:01
Updated 10.07.2018 13:16
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DHA Photo

Stray dogs with paralysis are receiving treatment in a specialized clinic located in western Turkey's Manisa province.

The clinic, called Paralyzed Care Unit, is being operated by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality. Local authorities decided to specialize the clinic to rehabilitate and treat dogs which have lost their ability to walk due to paralysis, according to Demirören News Agency (DHA).

To serve their four-legged patients best, the community spared no expense. The clinic features a specially coated floor in order to prevent dogs from getting rashes since they usually must drag their paralyzed legs on the ground. The clinic is also equipped with special walkers and prosthetics to assist the dogs, along with regular medical equipment.

In an interview with DHA, Head of Manisa Municipal Health Services Talip Akbaş said that they aim to care for the stray dogs through a combination of treatments and physical rehabilitation. Akbaş claims they have successfully treated stray dogs before but warns that early treatment is key: "Just like with every other illness, early treatment is important. That is why we ask all of our citizens to report a stray dog with paralysis as soon as they can."

According to Akbaş, the clinic also serves as a public education center. For a few days every week, the clinic accepts visits from the public and aims to teach them about animal care and compassion. The clinic's staff focus especially on children when teaching about animal compassion. "We want to teach our little guests that animals are our friends and they don't pose a threat to us," Akbaş said.

The clinic's veterinarian Mehmet Bayram said treating an animal with paralysis comes with difficulties. "Caring for an animal with paralysis is just like caring for a baby," he said.

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