Company barring headscarf-wearing women in job vacancy ad draws public ire

Published 25.07.2018 21:07

An Istanbul-based company seeking accountants "not wearing headscarf" caused public outrage. The job ad, which was removed as of yesterday, a few days after it was posted online, comes less than a month after a publisher drew ire for a similar ad. İlhan Gülmez Financial Advisory Office which posted the ad was criticized in social media for its discrimination towards headscarf-wearing women along with a trade chamber representing financial advisers who condemned the ad.

Cavit Tatlı, who heads a jurists' association, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the phrase used in the ad was "discriminatory" and "violated the principle of equality in the Turkish constitution." He added that discrimination based on faith, race or language in job recruitment can be punishable with three years in prison though the ad did not constitute a crime as "it didn't target one specific person" as required by the law for the sentence to be implemented.

Leading women's non-profit Women and Democracy Association (KADEM) said in a statement that the ad was "a reflection of ongoing discrimination" towards individuals based on their faith, gender and political views. "Unfortunately, secret and obvious intolerance and prejudice at a corporate level still prevails. It is a crime and unacceptable," the statement said. The company did not comment on the issue.

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