Newspaper, magazine circulation in Turkey slips in 2017

Published 26.07.2018 00:00
Updated 26.07.2018 11:58
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The annual circulation of newspapers and magazines in Turkey last year fell 2.6 percent year-on-year, the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat) reported Thursday.

According to the print media statistics for 2017, the total annual circulation of newspapers and magazines published in Turkey amounted to 1.66 billion — dominated by newspapers, at 94 percent — down from 1.70 billion in 2016.

TurkStat noted that last year the number of newspapers and magazines totaled 6,124 — with magazines making up nearly 60 percent of the total — down 2.3 percent from 6,265 in 2016.

Though the 176 national newspapers made up only 7.1 percent of the total, they held a lion's share of annual newspaper circulation, with 83.5 percent.

The nearly 2,300 local and regional newspapers accounted for 92.9 percent of all printed newspapers, but had only 16.5 percent of the annual circulation.

TurkStat noted that last year 342 daily newspapers had 88.7 percent of total annual newspaper circulation in Turkey, while in 2016, 391 daily newspapers held a 90 percent share of total annual newspaper circulation.

"88.3 percent of the newspapers had political/news/actual content, while 2 percent of them had sector-specific/professional content, and 1.9 percent of them had local administration content," TurkStat said.

On the magazines side, 61.2 percent of published magazines were national publications, holding nearly 82 percent of the total annual magazine circulation.

"24.8 percent of the magazines were published monthly, 22.1 percent of them were published quarterly, and 16.2 percent of them were published biannually," TurkStat said, adding:

"For magazines, 59.2 percent of the total annual magazine circulation was monthly magazines, while 9.8 percent was weekly, and 9.8 percent was quarterly magazines."

Official figures showed that the top three contents for magazines published last year were sector-specific/professional content (18.4 percent), academic content (13.7 percent), and education/examination content with a share of 7.2 percent.

TurkStat also said last year there were 785 newspapers and magazines published in both Turkish and English, while there were 10 newspapers and 116 magazines published in English alone, and a total of 23 newspapers and magazines published exclusively in other foreign languages.

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