Woman sues author who penned on affair with husband

Published 27.07.2018 22:27

A Turkish woman filed a lawsuit seeking damages against writer A.I., claiming a book by A.I. was about the writer's extramarital affair with her husband. The woman, identified by her initials as F.G., has claimed she stumbled upon the novel and was shocked when she discovered how the writer described a seemingly fictional affair with her husband. The woman had earlier filed for divorce from her husband U.G.

A report on the Hürriyet news website says the writer presented a real-life affair with F.G.'s husband as fiction. The woman's lawyer said in a court petition that the novel included everything about the couple's life "from the exact depiction of the couple's house, to the drowning death of the husband's father, from details about carpets in the house to the car model the husband used and places he frequented. As additional evidence, the lawyer said the writer shared photos of places that both the writer and the husband frequented on her social media accounts and in a "thanks" section in the book, she openly gave the name of U.G.

In an earlier interview, the novelist stated that the novel was the story of an affair she heard about from a woman she met in a gym.

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