Turkey’s New Year’s jackpot hits nearly $13 million

Published 15.11.2018 15:37
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The jackpot prize of Turkey's National Lottery's New Year's Eve draw announced Thursday as 70 million Turkish liras ($12.9 million), the highest prize in the last ten years.

Last year's grand prize was TL 61 million.

The three other high prizes of the National Lottery's draw, which will be held on Dec. 31, are TL 7 million, ten TL 1 million prizes and thirty TL 100.000 prizes.

The New Year's draw will give prizes to some 2.95 million lucky tickets in total while the total expense for the prizes is TL 390.91 million.

The full fare ticket price is TL 70, while the half fare ticket prize is TL 35 and the quarter ticket prize is TL 17, 5. The tickets will be up for sale by Nov. 29.

The lowest grand prize in the last decade was in 2007 and 2008 with TL 25 million.

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