Children in destructed Syrian village to attend school again after Turkey’s efforts

Published 31.12.2018 15:42
Updated 31.12.2018 15:49
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Children in Syria's Jarablus province are expecting to participate in education by the New Year as Turkey continues its construction works for a new school as part of the efforts to restore daily life after liberating the region from the terrorist threat.

A school which was repaired by Turkey's Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in one of the Jarablus's villages will be providing education to 681 students including those coming from the neighboring villages with some 21 teachers in the upcoming year.

Turkey liberated Jarablus along with Al-Bab from Daesh terrorists with Operation Euphrates Shield launched by Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) backing the Free Syrian Army (FSA) on Aug. 24, 2016, and since then has been maintaining its efforts to increase the living standards of the residents.

After being bombed by the Daesh and PKK's Syrian affiliate People's Protection Units (YPG) what remained from the school was used as shelter by the families who escaped from YPG terror in neighboring Manbij. Resettling those families in safer areas, Turkey's border province Gaziantep's municipality has started the works for reconstruction of the school.

Many parts of the school, including the collapsed stairs, classes and the toilets were rebuilt. A power generator was also installed in the village where there is no electricity in order to meet the school's needs.

Thanking Turkey for the country's efforts on reducing the terror threat in their village as well as in Syria, school principal Ibrahim Hacı Salih said that they are grateful to Turkey for rescuing them from the destruction of terrorists and are happy that will be able to provide education again in the coming years.

The company in charge of the reconstruction of the school said that they had repaired several other schools across the region and there are also some other companies doing the same thing for the continuity of education in the war torn country.

The Turkish military pushed into Syria's northwest in two offensives, carving out a de facto buffer zone to protect its border towns and cities, which were targeted in cross-border attacks by both Daesh and YPG, as well as to provide safety in the area to enable the Syrian refugees to return to their homes. Turkey launched its second operation, Operation Olive Branch in February 2018, targeting the YPG terrorists in Syria's Afrin. Since then Turkey has been maintaining its efforts to reestablish the destructed parts of the region.

The Syrian civil war erupted in 2011 when the Assad regime harshly responded to protesters that poured onto streets to demand more rights and freedom. Since then tens of thousands of people were killed while millions of people have been displaced internally and another million others were driven abroad as refugees.

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