Turkish man rents apartment in central Turkey for newborn Golden Retrievers

SIVAS, Turkey
Published 03.01.2019 00:00
Updated 03.01.2019 16:52
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A love of animals is one of the purest forms of love. Just by taking care of one, you can expect to receive unconditional love and gratitude in return.

Fatih Ayin from central Turkey's Sivas has always been fond of animals. Two years ago, he rescued a female Golden Retriever. It gave birth to 12 puppies last month. Two of them died at birth.

Ayin is now the proud owner of 11 loving dogs, who need his help more than ever. Unable to take care of them in his home, he rented a second apartment for the mom and the 10 puppies.

They will have "a better life" here, he says. Ayin visits the house a couple of times every day and feeds the puppies by hand. He uses a milk bottle to feed the smaller ones.

"I spend around TL 2,000 [$367] every month to take care of the dogs. I spend a lot of time with them," he said, adding that "The mother fed the puppies for a month, but now I feed them with dog food, milk, kefir and eggs. Because they are well-fed, some of the puppies are larger for their age."

Because they are still very young, the puppies have never left the apartment. He does not intend to keep all of them either.

"They are purebred Golden Retrievers. They are used as search and rescue dogs. I plan to give five of them to the police forces. I believe they will serve well after good training. I am planning to keep the rest and take care of them. Except for one, I have not named them yet. I am open to suggestions," said Ayin.

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