Reports link teen's death to 'Blue Whale' challenge

Published 30.01.2019 01:04

Forensic experts have prepared a preliminary report on the apparent suicide of Emine Karadağ, a 13-year-old secondary school student from eastern Turkey's Adana province.

Media reports claimed that the teen took her life after taking part in a notorious online challenge, popularly known as the "Blue Whale."

Though forensic experts did not see any signs of cuts or other bodily harm – found on other "Blue Whale" victims – investigators discovered some important details in Karadağ's notebook and her mother's smartphone. The Adana Provincial Directorate of Security's Cyber Crime Unit is investigating the case.

Investigators are also examining the victim's phone, as they look for traces and detail about the game. They will also investigate all internet and application traffic, including how many times she used the application, at what times, how much time did she spend, which sites and who did she contact as part of the game.

In addition, Emine's relatives who examined her notebook found a one-year plan that included a total of 25 tasks. Reports claimed that Emine was very observant of the instructions coming from the game. In the notes, some instructions reportedly included instructions like "you will send your mother and father to the nursing home, you are going to fight with boys, you will not talk to anybody, and you will swear not to talk."

Meanwhile, Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk called the victim's family and offered her condolences. She said that all kinds of support to the family and assured them that the government was working against digital threats to protect children. The ministry is also providing psychological support to Emine's younger sibling.

Parents' nightmare

The Blue Whale game, which has become a nightmare for families, continues to take lives. In this game, players have to fulfill 50 instructions – some of which can be fatal. There are many stages like shallow cuts on the arms and legs among these instructions, taking a period of 50 days. At the end of the 50th day, the person is commanded to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge or hanging themselves.

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