AFAD to award 'technology that benefits humanity' in Teknofest

Published 01.02.2019 00:58

Turkey's Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) announced yesterday that it will award "technology that benefits humanity" at the Teknofest, an aerospace and technology festival in Istanbul.

In a statement, AFAD said it will sponsor a competition for "technology that benefits humanity" and has allocated TL 10,000 as prize money.

Primary, secondary, high school and university students, as well as adults, will be able to compete in different categories. The participants could apply individually or as groups.

The event consists of categories including health, education, environment, transportation and disaster management. The competition is projected to use authentic and national sources to provide solutions to problems.

Applications will be accepted until Feb. 28. Further information is available on The event is supported by Turkey's Industry and Technology Ministry, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, leading technology companies, public institutions and universities. The four-day Teknofest Istanbul, organized by the Turkish Technology Team Foundation (T3), will start on Sept. 20.

The festival was first held in 2018, drawing over 550,000 spectators.

Last year, the festival featured air shows, technology competitions, seminars on cutting-edge technology and an international entrepreneurship summit, along with other activities.

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