4-year-old saves 7-month-old sister from fire in eastern Turkey

Published 24.02.2019 16:23
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DHA Photo

A 4-year-old girl in northeastern Turkey saved her 7-month-old sister from a fire that engulfed their home while they were sleeping with nobody else present to save the little children.

The incident took place in northeastern Kars province's Bülbül neighborhood, reports said.

The grandparents of 4-year-old Ceren and her 7-month-old sister Asmin left them at home and went outside while the children were sleeping.

Upon realizing the flames, little Ceren immediately took her baby sister and fled the fire.

"We were sleeping with my sister when I realized something falling on my foot," Ceren said, adding that she is happy that she was able to save herself and her sister.

The grandparents called firefighters when they found out that their home was up in flames.

Kars Governor Türker Öksüz pledged to provide assistance to the family, reports said.

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