Health ministry prepares action plan to fight tech addiction in Turkey

Published 17.08.2019 12:28
Updated 18.08.2019 12:50
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A 5-year action plan has been prepared as part of the efforts to fight against technology addiction in Turkey, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said Saturday.

The ministry has prepared the action plan to fight addiction in internet games, online gambling and related issues, Koca said.

The action plan is divided into three categories under titles "Ensuring the safe and efficient use of information technologies, the internet and social media and preventing their excessive and harmful use," "Carrying out measures to prevent online gambling addiction," "Ensuring the development and spread of counseling, treatment and rehabilitation services."

The government aims to boost the efficient and safe use of the internet and raise awareness about the harms of internet addiction, the minister said, adding that they will prepare educational programs directly targeting children and youth.

"We aim to increase the time spent by the youth on the internet doing research by 10% and decrease the time spent on social media by 8%," Koca said, adding that they will make sure citizens have easy access to treatment and rehabilitation services for addiction.

Koca noted that addiction issues nowadays does not only involve alcohol, smoking and drug-related addictions and that technology addiction, which includes the internet, social media outlets, online games and gambling also pose threats.

"These types of addictions do not only cause psychological and social problems, but they also lead to problems in the senses and physical problems in the posture and more.

There are over 40 million internet users in Turkey according to experts.

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