Turkish gov't promises lifelong support to children under state protection

Published 07.10.2019 00:29

The government has promised lifelong support to thousands of children under state protection. Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk said in response to a question that around 24,000 young people benefiting from social service models are employed in the public sector. "We provide social and economic support until our children leaving social protection institutions are placed into work," Minister Selçuk said at the Parliament. With the social security vision set by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the government provides lifelong support to thousands of children and youth under protection. When they come of age, children under state protection are placed into work by lot for five years. The Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services Selçuk recalled that the monitoring and evaluation of the young people leaving state protection and the required guidance activities are carried out by the Post-Care Guidance Monitoring and Evaluation Commission established within the provincial directorates.

Minister Selçuk said the Commission provides support for the solution of the problems faced by young people placed in work, conducting the necessary guidance on the issues they need. "Our children who leave the organization are supported until they are placed at work. Now, when they come of age, we will train these young people according to their skills and interests and assign them to areas of public need, thus creating employment that will add quality and power to the economy," she added.

Minister Selçuk n to the efforts to equip youth under state protection and care for life and to include them in employment. "It was stated by the public institutions and organizations that one-thousandth of the total of free staff and positions, regardless of their status, would be reserved for those employed within the scope of this article," she noted.

At the beginning of this year, the government undertook another extensive project to train up to 14,000 children under state protection and bring them into the economy. Under the project titled "One Profession, One Future" launched in 23 provinces in the first stage, 414 children in children's homes, children's housing estates, and child support centers have been enrolled in vocational courses.

Children attending classes six days a week undergo approximately five months of training. Within the scope of the project, which will be applied in 81 provinces by the end of the year, young people are raised in more than 15 occupational groups such as hairdressing, pastry, computer, repair, tailor, shoemaking, ITa, machinery, and furniture. Children who receive theoretical training can practice their profession at the applied workshops for five months. In this context, young people who have obtained knowledge and skills will be placed into work by the Turkish Employment Organization (İŞKUR).

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