Istanbul driver smashes car blocking parking garage entrance

Published 12.02.2020 18:14

How far would you go to grab a coveted parking space? A motorist in Istanbul went all the way, smashing his car into another that was blocking his entrance into a garage.

The driver, only identified as Ali, sought to enter the garage, located down a small ramp to the bottom level of an apartment building in the city's Bakırköy district but was angered to find another car blocking his entrance.

He first found the owner, who had stopped off for a bite to eat, to urge him to remove the car. When the owner reportedly refused, Ali returned to the wheel and instantly began driving sharply back and forth until he had successfully rammed his new-found foe's vehicle out of the way.

Passersby tried to stop the road rage incident, but the driver persisted until he had achieved his goal of entering the garage, at the cost of just a front bumper and a number of scrapes on the sides of his car. He also damaged another car in the process.

After the event, which occurred on Tuesday, Ali and the other car owner filed criminal charges against one another. Ümit Utku Gilik, an eyewitness, described Ali as "a normally calm man."

"I was sitting in my shop here when I heard the repeated sound of a driver honking a horn. I saw Ali honking it. He then went on to hit the white car over here. The other driver had parked the car because he was eating at a restaurant across the street. I know brother Ali. He is a very calm man and liked by everyone in the neighborhood. I don't know how it happened all of a sudden," Gilik told reporters at the scene.

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