Tornadoes damage yachts, scare locals in Turkish resort town Marmaris

Two tornadoes formed off the coast of southwestern Turkey's Marmaris Wednesday, damaging yachts anchored in the Aegean resort town's marina as well as four cars nearby.

The tornadoes, which hit nearby areas 20 minutes apart, knocked down four boats which were laid on the stocks. Many other yachts had their masts or windows broken or suffered other damages.

Marmaris District Governor Celalettin Yüksel said that the tornadoes caused no deaths or injuries. He added that an empty diving boat anchored just outside the harbor sank.

The tornadoes, which were also seen from Marmaris town center, scared the locals.

Tornadoes are not common in Turkey, but experts warn their number and strength will increase as a result of global warming.

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