PKK offshoot TAK's claim aims diverting the attention on PYD/YPG, Turkish security sources say

Published 20.02.2016 00:00
Updated 20.02.2016 16:32
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Despite a claim of responsibility for the Ankara terror bombing by an hardliner PKK offshoot, Turkish authorities stand firm that PYD/YPG was behind the deadly bombing, say the claim tries to divert attention on Syrian terror group

The perpetrators of the Ankara bombing, which killed 28 people on Wednesday, are directly linked to the PKK affiliated PYD/YPG terror organization, sources from the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office told Turkish daily Habertürk.

Earlier on Friday, a terrorist group linked to the PKK terrorist organization named as the Kurdistan Freedom Hawks (TAK) claimed responsibility for the bombing.

The sources from the prosector's office denied the statement posted on TAK's website which claimed the attack.

According to the post, the perpetrator was a TAK member named Abdülbaki Sönmez (Zınar Reperin) from Turkey's eastern Van province. His name was posted along with a picture and a few lines about Zınar's life. The post claimed that the attack was carried out to avenge Turkish military operations against the terror organization in Turkey and Syria.

The image in the statement was later found to be manipulated after Şafak İnan, a writer on a Turkish news website, told Turkish broadcaster Ulusal Kanal that the picture posted on TAK's website was a modified version of his own picture which he has been using for his columns since 2010.

Şafak İnan's photo (L) was manipulated and served as Zınar Reperin (R) on TAK's website

The sources from the prosecutor's office said that this was a strategy to mislead because the PYD/YPG losing approval from the international community.

Meanwhile, undisclosed security sources also released a conversation that reportedly took place between two senior PKK members in the terror group's main operational radio channel the after the attack. Codenamed as "Gabar" and "Goşkar", two PKK members speak about the attack roughly three hours after the bombing.
Gabar says that the attack looks like it was out by the TAK, however Goşkar says that such an attack cannot be carried out without the help of the People's Defense Forces (HPG), the PKK's armed wing.

He continues that the attack was carried out by YPG for retaliation and to prove itself. Goşkar says the intelligence and supplies of the attack were provided by the HPG, but advises Gabar not to share the information, as things would get difficult if "TC" (referring to the Republic of Turkey) finds out.

"They will use one of our youngsters, do you understand?" Goşkar says, referring that TAK will either assume responsibility for the attack or will be presented as if it was carried out by TAK.

Gabar says that the attack was a mistake on behalf of the YPG as they will put themselves in a bad position, and Turkey that would figure out that YPG carried out the attack. The conversation ends as Goşkar tells Gabar that it will be taken care of, but he should remain silent and forget about it.

Turkish authorities have repeatedly said that they have found evidences about a clear link between the bomber and the PYD/YPG group.

The officials said that the attack was carried out by a Syrian national named Saleh Nejar (24), who was born in the town of Amude in Syria's Hasakah province. Turkey have detained a total of 21 suspects in simultaneous operations carried out throughout the country.

Turkey considers PYD/YPG as a terrorist organization, and the group is largely accepted as the Syrian wing of the PKK, which is recognized as a terror organization by the U.S., the EU and NATO.

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