PKK suffers heavy blows in southeast, senior terrorists ordered to evacuate to countryside

Published 17.04.2016 17:15

Recent radio orders coming from Cemil Bayık, acting leader of PKK terror organization, showed that terrorists have received heavy blows in recent counter terror operations.

The official Anadolu Agency reported that the PKK executives have ordered senior terrorists from its armed wing HPG (People's Defense Forces) to retreat to the countryside and leave town and city centers to the militia of YPS (Civil Protection Units).

The radio orders by Bayık captured by Turkish security forces and released Sunday urged PKK terrorists not to display the disintegration within the terrorist organization while maintaining the apperance of resistence.

Bayık reportedly ordered "not to get in contact with the public that betrayed," and "evacuate the area while punishing those you have captured," along with "silencing" of wounded terrorists to not to give hints to Turkish security forces.

The terrorist leader also ordered complete destruction of civilian buildings and setting traps in everywhere.

Following a 1.5 year long ceasefire in effect, PKK has resumed its 42 year long armed campaign against the Turkish state in July 2015. Suffering heavy blows in the countryside in latest years, this time PKK employed new tactics adopted in Syrian civil war, which included urban warfare tactics in town and city centers hoping to receive support from the local Kurdish population, along with suicide and car bomb attacks against both civilian and military targets.

As life grinded to a halt in entire provinces in southeast with increasing civilian casualites along with the careful approach of Turkish security forces, locals withdrew their already limited support to the terrorist organization.

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