Turkey destroys 2 Daesh missile launchers, building, kills 11 terrorists in Syria

Published 26.04.2016 17:37
Updated 26.04.2016 17:39

The Turkish military on Tuesday has destroyed two Daesh missile launchers, a three-storey building, and killed 11 terrorists in Syria, near the Turkey-Syria border.

According to a statement by the General Staff, the military identified the missile launchers with unmanned air vehicles and destroyed them with howitzers before the terrorist organization used them to attack Kilis in southeastern Turkey.

A three-storey building belonging to the terrorists was also destroyed in the operation and 11 Daesh militants inside the building were killed.

Kilis, which is home to large numbers of Syrian refugees exceeding its own population, has suffered repeatedly from cross-border shelling. The rockets became an almost daily occasion in the small town where locals recently rallied for more security measures.

Under Turkey's rules of engagement, the military responds immediately by shelling Daesh positions in Syria.

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