DBP Diyarbakır co-mayor slams PKK ditches in southeast

Published 26.04.2016 23:26

A co-mayor of the southeastern province of Diyarbakır from the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party's (HDP) regional affiliate Democratic Regions Party (DBP), Fırat Anlı, criticized the PKK digging ditches and clashing with security forces in the southeast and said the tactic has cost thousands of lives there.

Speaking at a conference on Sunday in Diyarbakır, he said that ditches could be filled, and continued: "This is self-criticism for all of us. We could develop a political struggle that will not need ditches. We could create an alternative [to] ditches. We failed in this issue and we have lost thousands of people since we failed."

Claiming that they act in the interest of Kurds in the region, PKK clashes with security forces paves the way to it losing popularity with locals who want the peaceful atmosphere they had during the reconciliation process to return. Disregarding whether rich historical heritage sites in the region are damaged, the PKK continues to practice life-crippling strategies, dig ditches, erect barricades and detonate explosives in efforts for autonomy. Due to these paralyzing tactics, intensive anti-PKK operations started in mid-December 2015 after the terrorist organization brought its fight into urban areas in the southeast.

In the ongoing operations, security forces dismantled PKK explosives in the entrances of buildings in the southeastern province of Şırnak last week. They also found an X-ray machine and an EKG machine in a house used as a shelter by the terrorists.

In another operation in the Uludere district, security forces destroyed a four-room cave used as a shelter and ammunition depot.

In the southeastern province of Bitlis, security forces seized 1,200 kilograms of ammonium nitrate along with other equipment used to make bombs in two shelters and a storehouse.

Counter terror units carried out operations on many houses in the southern province of Adana yesterday and detained 16 suspected PKK militants following a tip about them attending violent demonstrations and making terrorist propaganda on social media. Eight of them were arrested, seven were put in home confinement and one was released.

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