Ankara, Nairobi to back each other in fight against terrorism

Published 02.06.2016 23:38

Turkey and Kenya are two countries experiencing the similar, unfortunate problem of terrorism in their respective regions. It does not end with that, however. The two countries also face refugee influxes in their regions and are expected to ensure stability in their regions.Turkey and Kenya can share their experiences in fighting terrorism, according to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who was in Nairobi yesterday for official meetings. While Kenya has over 500,000 Somali refugees, the number of Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Turkey is over 3 million. Erdoğan said that Turkey has been working with its partners in the region to solve Somalia's problem and assist the country to gain stability. Somalia's stability is crucial for the stability of East Africa, which is also important for Turkey, Erdoğan said. "Turkey has been fighting terrorism for 35 years and has lost over 40,000 lives," Erdoğan said. "We will stand with Kenya as a country aware of pain of terror."

Erdoğan spoke of the first World Humanitarian Summit held in Istanbul on May 23-24, which was an attempt to call on developed countries to take more responsibility in the refugee crisis. Blaming countries that avoid taking responsibility and action, Erdoğan said that some promises were made at the summit, but the problem will not be solved until the reasons that cause people to leave their homes are eliminated. "We will see how far [they will go] to keep promises."

He also brought up the government's plan for a security zone in Syria, which would be a no-fly zone to keep people away from violence. "We need to save them from tents, camps and drowning in Aegean and Mediterranean," Erdoğan said. The offer was rejected with the reason that it would be nearly impossible to control. It was done before, however, in Cyprus with the green line, and between Mexico and the U.S. "Justice is not necessary only for five or six countries, but also for the whole world," Erdoğan said.

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