Captured terrorist admits PKK killed Elçi, unveils terrorist activities in Sur

Published 07.06.2016 00:09

A PKK militant who was captured by security forces in the Sur district of the southeastern Diyarbakır province confessed that the terrorist organization perpetrated the murder of Diyarbakır Bar Association Chair Tahir Elçi in November.

Anadolu Agency reported that using the nom-de-guerre Azat, Deniz A., (20), said in a testimony that Elçi's murder was intended to provoke locals, and a video recorded by the terrorist organization made clear that Elçi was killed by a PKK member, a video he watched before being detained.

Saying that a PKK terrorist with the nom-de-guerre Şenda told him that it would appear as if the murder of Elçi was committed by police officers, Deniz A. said terrorists named Mahsum Gürkan and Uğur Yakışır took part in the incident.

"These members of the group perpetrated this job by escaping into the street where Elçi was, and firing at the police officers who noticed them. I gave the related footage to Şenda, and he sent that footage to another member of the organization via the internet. I have seen the video many times. I saw that Elçi was killed by Yakışır, I bear witness with my own eyes and the recording that I took of the incident."

Police previously revealed that Yakışır and Gürkan were the terrorists who killed police officers Ahmet Çiftaslan and Cengiz Erdur, who were suspicious of the taxi the terrorists were in and tried to stop it just minutes before the murder of Elçi.

Regarding terror activities in Sur, Deniz A. said he regretted what he has done there under the guise of seeking Kurdish self-determination, and admitted that the terrorist named Şenda was responsible for the damage to the historical Kurşunlu Mosque in the district, by detonating explosives planted in the front yard of the building. Built in the early 16th century, the mosque was an Ottoman landmark in the city and was among the non-residential sites damaged during the renewed PKK violence.

"The attacks against the security forces were recorded on camera, and we were laying on entertainment which celebrated those attacks," Deniz A. said. He added that wounded terrorists were treated in infirmaries built by the PKK, and Rihan Kavak Özbek, co-chair of the Bağlar branch of the PKK-aligned Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP)'s regional affiliate, the Democratic Regions Party (DBP), had taken part in treating wounded terrorists.The municipalities in southeastern Turkey administered by the DBP have been accused of aiding and abetting the PKK's urban war strategy of digging trenches and establishing roadblocks, seeking to claim control of cities. Heavy equipment belonging to municipalities was put at the disposal of the PKK, according to reports.

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