Turkish artillery, coalition airstrikes pound Daesh targets, 31 terrorists killed

Published 11.06.2016 10:35
Updated 11.06.2016 11:13
emIHA photo/em
IHA photo

Turkish military forces pounded Daesh terrorist organization targets in northern Syria on Friday in a joint operation with the U.S.-led coalition air forces.

According to a statement released by Turkish Armed Forces on Saturday, 33 Daesh targets in Syria were pounded by howitzers and rocket launchers from Turkish territory, supported by nine U.S.-led coalition airstrikes.

During the operations, 31 Daesh terrorists were killed, the statement said.

Also, six defensive position, three Daesh missile launchers, three buildings and five vehicles were destroyed.

Turkish towns and provinces have been repeatedly struck by fire from across the border since mid-January. The city center of southern Kilis province lies 6 kilometers away from the Syrian border, which has been repeatedly struck by cross-border rocket fire, killing more than 20 civilians and injuring dozens.

Recognizing Daesh as a terrorist organization on Oct. 10, 2013 in an official declaration, Turkey continues to fight Daesh both with military precautions along the Syrian border, along with extensive investigations within the country to cut off supply and recruitment routes.

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