Coup plotter: I was informed of attempt 2 days in advance

Published 22.07.2016 20:41

One of the arrested putschists confessed that two Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) members instructed him about the plan two days before the coup attempt.

Erdal Karlıdağ, a major in the Ankara Provincial Gendarmerie Commandership and an intelligence officer as staff section chief, admitted in his testimony that they were informed about the plan and that he wanted to benefit from the repentance law.

Indicating that he first became acquainted with the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) in 1999, Karlıdağ said that he did not know any other Gülenist coup soldiers in the military until the coup attempt.

"On Wednesday [of the coup attempt week], two people came to my home. Among them, Halil told me that a list consisting of 3,000 gendarmerie forces who are active and in favor of FETÖ, including me, are prepared and that those who are on the list will be dismissed in the upcoming Supreme Military Council (YAŞ) meeting in August. We went to a park in Anıttepe and met Lt. Col. Süleyman Karaca there. There was also Murat [Düzenli], commander of the district gendarmerie forces. They informed us that there will be an action on Friday and instructed us to go to TURKSAT [national satellite company compound] at Gölbaşı [in Ankara]."

On the night of the failed coup, Aktepe said he received a message that read: "The coup has occurred. For assistance, everyone must go near to the places they used to previously work."

Aktepe, who mostly worked in intelligence departments while on duty, said he attended a divinity school and took part in gatherings held by Gülen supporters while he was a university student. He admitted being a sympathizer of Gülen and said he went to the U.S. while he was on duty.

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