FETÖ governor arrested despite efforts to hide link

Published 17.08.2016 21:00

The district governor of the Acıgöl district of central Nevşehir province, Mustafa Çakır, who attended the democracy watches for 26 days after the failed July 15 coup attempt, was detained on Wednesday under the Adana Chief Public Prosecutor's Office's investigation into the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ).

The charge against Çakır concerns "taqiyya," a form of religious dissimulation mainly practiced in Shiite jurisprudence, but also by FETÖ. Çakır attended democracy watch rallies every day for 26 days from beginning to the end. Democracy watches were nationwide rallies organized by the country's leaders after the coup attempt used to mobilize the public against any new threat of a coup across Turkey. Çakır also denounced the failed coup attempt on the district governorate's website.

Çakır is not the first person suspected of practicing taqiyya after the failed coup attempt in order to cover his relations with FETÖ. On Aug. 6, actor and comedian Atalay Demirci, who attended the democracy watches and cursed FETÖ in his speeches onstage, was also detained in the FETÖ investigation, as his deep relations revealed after Turkish cyber group Ayyıldız Tim hacked his Twitter account.

Demirci was revealed after his hacked account was exposed to the public, which included direct messages to Enes Kanter, a Turkish NBA player who is known for his strong support for Fethullah Gülen, showing that the comedian has not broken his ties with FETÖ after failed coup attempt. In the messages, Demirci asks Enes Kanter for a loan so he can flee to the United States after the nationwide crackdown and purges of Gülenists.

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