Mosul Operation Update: Day 3, 350 square kilometers 'liberated' from Daesh


Iraqi forces have "liberated" 352 square kilometers of territory south of Mosul since a wide-ranging military operation began earlier this week to recapture the city from the Daesh terrorist group, an Iraqi police commander said yesterday.

"Iraqi forces have managed to clear 352 square kilometers [of Daesh elements] since the operation began," Federal Police Commander Lt. Gen. Raed Shakir said in statements cited by the Interior Ministry.

No further details were given by the commander regarding particular areas cleared of Daesh elements.

According to Amin al-Zubaidi, a first lieutenant in the army's Nineveh Joint Operations Command, 13 Daesh militants were killed in Mosul on Wednesday - including a prominent group leader - in a drone strike carried out by U.S.-led coalition aircraft.

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