14 arrested for alleged plot against Turkish military officers

Published 03.11.2016 23:40 Modified 03.11.2016 23:40

Fourteen people were arrested Thursday after the "Cosmic Room" investigations uncovered a plot was being staged against Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) personnel.

The Ankara Prosecutor's Office had previously detained 27 people in relation to the investigation that had been launched to gather enough evidence that TSK personnel were being framed in the Cosmic Room case.

Later on, however, 13 people were released while 14 were placed in custody. Cosmic Rooms contain top secret documents and information related to the Turkish state.

The Cosmic Room case was opened in 2009 upon allegations that the then Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç was being targeted for assassination.

Two cosmic rooms were then searched and top secret documents as well as information were gathered by prosecutors who were dismissed later from their duties.

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