Scores of PKK terrorists killed, 10 detained


Scores of PKK terrorists have been killed and 10 more detained in counterterror operations all across Turkey. Ten PKK terrorists have been killed in Turkey's southeastern province of Şırnak, the local governorate announced on Tuesday.

"Fourteen terrorists were killed over the past week in the Cudi Mountain area," claimed a statement issued by the Şırnak Governor's office.

The Turkish military announced Wednesday that 45 PKK terrorists were killed in airstrikes carried out in Qandil on Nov. 27. According to a statement released by the military, Turkish fighter jets launched airstrikes against PKK targets on Nov. 27. The military stressed that the airstrikes were carried out on the anniversary of the foundation of the PKK.

Meanwhile, a Turkish General Staff statement confirmed three PKK terrorists have been "neutralized" in a conflict in the Hozart district of eastern province of Tunceli. Two terrorists were killed in an air operation in Şırnak's suburbs and five others died in drone attacks. Three others were killed in a clash with security forces in the same area.

Elsewhere, in Diyarbakır's Silvan district another terrorist was killed by the law enforcers.

In southeastern Batman province, six suspects have been arrested on charges of aiding and abetting PKK terrorists, according to the provincial gendarmerie command. The suspects were later remanded in custody by the Batman Criminal Court of Peace.

In a separate operation, five terrorists were killed -- including a high-profile terrorist - in southeastern Mardin's Büyükkardeş neighborhood, after a curfew was declared early Tuesday in a total of five neighborhoods, security sources said.

The slain high-profile terrorist, Hasan Turan aka Seyit Reşo, was said to be in charge of PKK's operations in Mardin, claimed a source, speaking on conditions of anonymity.

In another southeastern province, Siirt, five PKK suspects were captured in the Pervari district on Nov. 29.

In addition, five people from the pro-PKK Democratic Regions Party (DBP) were detained in the eastern province of Elazığ. In house raids, documents belonging to the PKK were seized. Arrest warrants for two more suspects have also been issued.

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